Dedicate the steeple of light

For $75 for a weeknight and $150 for a weekend, you can dedicate our Steeple of Light to shine in honor or memory of a loved one. 

Dedications are shared on our social channels, included in our pre-service announcements and listed in our Friday email. 

To dedicate the Steeple of Light, please email

Dale Eldred's Steeple of Light

In 1990 as a culmination of the Centennial Celebration, Community contacted Dale Eldred (a sculptor widely recognized for his sculptures using natural and generated light) regarding the possible fulfillment of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original 1940 vision of  “searchlights piercing the perforated masonry roof….sky-beams…..a steeple of light.”  A design was presented; tests were made but proved unsatisfactory.  Coupled with the untimely death of Dale Eldred, the project was put aside.  

By 1993 technology had improved and Roberta Lord, Dale’s wife and artistic collaborator, was engaged to complete the design and the “Steeple of Light” became a reality. 

Dedicated in December, 1994, a system of four powerful bulbs and reflectors situated under the church dome’s four main portals continue to project a near perfect column of light which can be seen for miles each weekend, dusk to midnight. The light is an invitation to all to join with Community Christian in sharing the light of God throughout the city and with the world.