Week 2, Monday

Our scripture yesterday was from Matthew 18.  Read this passage again but extend the reading through the end of the chapter.  This story  is known as the Parable of the unforgiving servant.  This teaching from Jesus on forgiveness reminds us that God’s love is extravagant and unconditional.  Does this story influence the way you hear or say the words “forgive us…as we forgive our debtors?”  In Sunday’s sermon, Rev. Shanna explained how using debts comes from Matthew’s Gospel and sins comes from Luke (you can always go back and watch again if you missed it).  How does the choice of words impact your understanding of this prayer?

Prayer Focus: Think about who you might need to ask forgiveness of in your own life?  Perhaps there’s a broken relationship that can still be reconciled.  What “debts” need to be repaid?