Week 2, Wednesday

This week’s focus line included “Give us this day, our daily bread…”  We are mindful that the language is plural - “us/our” - so it’s not just about each of us personally.  Read the miracle stories of the feeding of the multitudes.  This story is found in multiple Gospels but pay special attention to the version in Mark 6 where the disciples encourage Jesus to “send them away…and buy something for themselves to eat.”  And Jesus’ response, of course, was “You give them something to eat.”  In the book, “Becoming the Answer to our Prayers,” it notes, “The unmistakable lesson is that God will take whatever we have if we offer it with open hands and a willing heart - and God will use it to work miracles, feed thousands, change the word. So when we see a problem like the starving masses, is the answer God or is the answer us? We think Jesus would answer YES. The answer is both.”

Prayer Focus: Today, let us live into the above book title and “let us become God’s answer to our prayers.”  Perhaps drop a granola bar, or a protein shake into your car and when you encounter that neighbor at your stop light with the cardboard sign, “you give them something to eat.”  Can you think about such an activity as an act of prayer?  It can be if you allow it to draw you closer to God.